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Latest Acquisitions

Ceeco 31" (800 mm) 7 Wire Tubular Strander, 48" Dual Capstan, Skaltek U22T PortalTake Up, Siemens Digital DC Drives, Electronic lay, Rated at 800 RPM.

Product Code:TBR196

Manufacturer:Ceeco Bartell

Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina

96" Ceeco Fork Type Drum Twisting Line

Product Code:CBR1201

Manufacturer:Ceeco Bartell

Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina

Loose Tube Jacketing Line w/ Nokia 120 mm 24:1 extruder, (2) 2.2 m AFA portal pay offs, 2.6 m Portal trav. take up, 67"/48" belt cats, dual 12 pos. yarn/steel server, corrugator, former, welder, printer etc.

Product Code:EXPL406


Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina

1800 MM Northampton D.Twist Buncher, DTS-1800, Year 1995

Product Code:CBR1216


Location: Bonham, Texas

Tensor SZ Loose Tube Fiber stranding Line w/ Skaltek A20S payoff, Skaltek U20T Take up, Roblon conc binder, MGS 50" caterpuller, Tensor 16-800 mm payoffs, S-Z strander, Dual Binder w/anti torsion cat.

Product Code:CBR1252


Location: Wadesboro, North Carolina



Machinery Can Be Purchased...

  • As-is" for immediate delivery from one of our eight North American facilities.
  • Test run & inspected for Operability
  • Cleaned & Painted
If you don't see the machine you are looking for, please contact us with your specifications and we will use all of our resources to help locate a match.
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